Trump drama

By admin
July 14, 2020
1 min read
Trump is so full of drama
He is so misbehaved did he have a mama?

It seems no one taught him right from wrong
He thinks he has super powers like King Kong

But he is a mere mortal man with flaws
His lies are so dirty one would think he is a mole with paws

Trump has to dig deeper and deeper with each lie
Is this person really our President, he is a terrible guy

There are so many books calling Trump evil as sin
There are some who don't believe it and think he should win

Trump reminds me of Hitler in World War II
All that is lacking is to transfer hair from head to mustache, who knew

Trump took it too far with the Russian thing
Trump wants a third term, he wants to be King

We are the United States and we won't go down without a fight
Mess with us again Russia and we will take flight

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