Mona’s Bio

Hello, my name is Ramona (or Mona for short) and for many years I have been a Writer of code, as a Web Developer; but now I am transitioning to a Freelance Writer / Technical Writer. In the 90’s, as the Internet emerged, I taught myself how to code with JavaScript and HTML. I created my own company, Surfer Gal Web Design, and started working with start-ups. Work was plentiful and the money was outstanding; and then I noticed the economy was changing and I decided to take a full-time web development job at World Savings Bank. I really enjoyed working at World Savings, but as the economy started to crumble before the 2008 financial crisis World Savings was bought out by Wells Fargo; and I had to redesign my life due to a layoff. There was a lot of competition in the Developer arena after 2008, and I found web gigs hard to come by; and I added to my resume by taking on a variety of office jobs, like that of Administrative Assistant, while continuing sporadic web gigs. Now, years later I have many years of experience as a Web Developer and an Administrative Assistant; but because of COVID-19 I am faced with another layoff and must reinvent myself. Life is short and there is no time like the present to pursue dreams; and my dream is to become a Writer. Ultimately, I want to write fiction novels but in the meantime I need to support myself; and now I am advertising myself as a Freelance Writer and that is what this site is about. This site is under construction, as I am sure it will always be, but feel free to browse some of my writing samples; and feel free to email me. I hope to work with you!

Thank you!

Ramona Soderlind